My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. Anais Nin


Sunday, Sunday why I don’t enjoy Sundays these days? Nothing happens on Sunday. Plans fail, friends avoid, boring Sunday. Only tells to gear up for next week. I got up at 11.30ish. Actually I opened my eyes at 8 but still managed to sleep for 3 more hours somehow. Then got up and went to gym. Wtf, whole gym was empty. Only 3-4 regular Sunday faces. There was no rb, no sd. Damn, rb told me he was going to come today. But sd joined later.

I did cardio session. I felt like my body was kind of bulky. No fat but muscle gain thing. After a month, it would be fun to see myself transforming into a hunk. I’ll have to manage my work life as well as love life for that. I have stopped being negative minded about people in my life. I don’t want to think something about them, assuming something about them just randomly and then hate them. No, thank you. All I can do is love people and be kind with them all the time. And this is freaking difficult task that I am going to execute.

After gym, I felt like calling cs. I just couldn’t stop thinking about her so I just called her. She was sleeping. But still never talked in a way that she wanted me to call her later. feeling sleepy kind of thing. She loves talking. Discussed personal and work related things, and yadda yadda yadda. Finally I thought omg, how much she speaks. I love talking to her but that’s it for now. Lol. I reached home, called up cousin vb for movie plan. He didn’t want to watch batman. What kind of guy is he? World wants batman and he said ‘not interested’. Damn, even his mother didn’t give permission to him. Plan cancelled! I took a nap. I felt bad. But it’s ok. Things happen. Now, what I was thinking, since my love life needs time to bloom fully and flourish into a beautiful relationship, I should concentrate on other things that I love apart from cs. Lol. Damn, there are no video games releasing in this season. Fifa 13 marks start of new season.

I was talking with ka on facebook. Even he wants to buy a new phone. $550 something. He should wait for prices to come down. That’s what I told him. Never mind, I am getting iPhone next week. I told my dad about it. Dad thinks nokia is best. How should I convince him that nokia is done? But no, he is loyal to his nokia. He may be shocked to see iPhone in my hand. Because he thinks I am going to buy it on my birthday and not in next week. Anyhow, 6 years of wait looks descent to me. no more holding back now. Just go and grab it. Hell yeah!

Tomorrow, I am going to try something new. I am going to treat cs like a princess. It’s not that I don’t treat her well, but I’ll give her extra attention. Just for a change. I’ll be myself. That what I am good at. Lol. Just want to spice up things. Trying to take it to new level. I have faith in my emotions, purpose and behaviour. Pure love, nothing else. I see success.

Btw, India is getting its 13th president. Congratualtions to mr. pranab Mukherjee for that honour. I still don’t understand why the chanakya of politics is leaving active politics. I thought he is the most powerful politician around at the moment. Yeah, I mean he did mistakes during his phase as finance minister, economy just crashed, and currency too. Well, that’s fine then. Good luck to him for a new phase in his life and a new phase for India as well. Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim people around the world. I really like the concept. Not about fasting the whole day, lol but cleaning the soul, keeping away from all temptations and just pure feeling everywhere. Even I’ll keep a fast one day in this holy month. It would be fun to follow other religion and understand their thinking as well.